ACAT FOIA Repository 65

Document: ACAT FOIA Repository 65, Date Received November 2023
Year: 2001
Page(s): 2
Document Title: Correspondence EPA R10 to Soonagrook
Agency/Organization: EPA Region 10

Document Summary:
EPA correspondence to Gerald Soonagrook, Sr (President of Gambell) to ask for formal government-to-government meetings in advance of deciding whether or not to list the Northeast Cap on the NPL.


ACAT/EDGI FOIA, November 2023


Chambers, Mark, Gretchen Gehrke, Pam Miller, Chris Sellers, Jessica Varner, and Vi Waghiyi, "ACAT FOIA Repository 65," ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository, Alaska: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and Community Against Toxics, 2023.

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