ACAT FOIA Repository 10

Document: ACAT FOIA Repository 10,
Date Received July 2023
Year: September 2001
Pages: 220
Document Title: Work Plan, 2001 Supplemental Remedial Investigation
Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
US Army Corps of Engineers (Alaska), Montgomery Watson

Document Summary:
The report documents the work plan for further study of some sites at Gambell. New information warranted the investigation. New information about sites at Gambell comes primarily from three sources. The first source of new information is a document entitled "GIS-Based Historical Time Sequence Analysis" (HTSA), completed in September 2000 by the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center (TEC). The HTSA combined information from historical aerial photographs and other documents with current aerial maps of the Gambell area and identified previously unknown locations of past military equipment and operations. The second source of new information is the Strategic Project Implementation Plan (SPIP) prepared by Montgomery Watson in December 2000. The SPIP included a questionnaire completed by Gambell residents to identify potentially contaminated areas not identified in previous investigations; many such sites were identified and investigated via geophysical surveys in 1999. The third source of new information is a report of remedial actions performed by Oil Spill Consultants, Inc. (OSCI,) during the summer of 1999. Samples collected to confirm that contaminated soils had been removed indicated that contamination may remain at several sites.




Chambers, Mark, Gretchen Gehrke, Pam Miller, Chris Sellers, Jessica Varner, and Vi Waghiyi, "ACAT FOIA Repository 10," ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository, Alaska: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and Community Against Toxics, 2023.

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