ACAT FOIA Repository 11

Document: ACAT FOIA Repository 11, Date Received July 2023
Year: November 2001
Pages: 816
Document Title: Final Remedial Action Report for Debris Removal and Containerized Hazardous Waste and Toxic Waste Removal
Agency/Organization: Oil Spill Consultants, Inc.

Document Summary:
On June 30, 1998, the U .S . Army Engineer District, Alaska (USAEDA) contracted Oil Spill Consultants, Inc . (OSCI) to remove and dispose of metal debris, containerized hazardous and toxic waste ( HTW), and contaminated soil located at Gambell, Alaska. The report details the 45 days of work (completed mostly by local citizens). The work completed included HTW Removal (Approximately 26.8 tons of HTW (battery, parts, dried paint, drums, and transformer carcasses) were collected from five locations at the project site; Metal Debris. Based on field weights, 142,234 pounds of metal debris consisting of runway matting, cable, fuel tanks, and equipment parts were removed from sites identified by USAEDA; Contaminated Soil. Workers using picks and shovels excavated 52 tons of contaminated soil from Sevuokuk Mountain; Stained Soil. A total of 20 tons of petroleum-stained soil were excavated from several sites at Gambell.




Chambers, Mark, Gretchen Gehrke, Pam Miller, Chris Sellers, Jessica Varner, and Vi Waghiyi, "ACAT FOIA Repository 11," ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository, Alaska: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and Community Against Toxics, 2023.

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