ACAT FOIA Repository 4

Document: ACAT FOIA Repository 16, Date Received July 2023
Year: November 6, 1995
Pages: 45
Document Title: Phase II Remedial Investigation, Remedial Action Alternatives
Technical Memorandum
US Army Corps of Engineers (Alaska), Montgomery Watson

Document Summary:
The purpose of this Remedial Action Alternatives Technical Memorandum is to identify areas where a collection of additional data is desired to refine the extent of contamination and identify areas where presumptive remedies or interim removal actions will eliminate areas of concern. This Technical Memorandum addresses only those sites that were retained for further evaluation based on the 1994 RI sampling results.




Chambers, Mark, Gretchen Gehrke, Pam Miller, Chris Sellers, Jessica Varner, and Vi Waghiyi, "ACAT FOIA Repository 4," ACAT/EDGI FOIA Repository, Alaska: Environmental Data & Governance Initiative and Community Against Toxics, 2023.

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