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August 31, 2022

EPA Alleges Local Company Violated Clean Air Act (91.3 WYSO, August 31, 2022).

Biden Speaks with Jackson Mayor About Water Crisis (The Hill, August 31, 2022).

August 30, 2022

Federal Cyber Mandate Looms for Local Water Systems (E&E News, August 30, 2022).

August 29, 2022

EPA Tells 15 States They Missed Air Pollution Plan Deadline (August 29, 2022).

August 26, 2022

EPA Proposes Designating Certain PFAS Chemicals as Hazardous Substances Under Superfund to Protect People’s Health (US EPA, August 26, 2022).

2 ‘Forever Chemicals’ to be Named Hazardous Substances, says EPA Official (PBS News Hour, August 26, 2022).

August 25, 2022

EPA Faces Lawsuit for Exempting Half a Billion Tons of Toxic Coal Ash from Health Protections (Earthjustice, August 25, 2022).

Groups Sue Environmental Protection Agency Over Coal Ash (Yahoo!, August 25, 2022).

August 24, 2022

The EPA Just Quietly Got Stronger (The Atlantic, August 24, 2022).

August 23, 2022

Greens Ask EPA to Ban New Natural Gas Heating (The Hill, August 23, 2022).

The Owner of Four Ethanol Plants, Including One in Iowa, Pays $1.7 million EPA Penalty (The Des Moines Register, August 23, 2022).

Activists Petition EPA to Restrict the Use of Home and Commercial Furnaces by 2030 (Yahoo! News, August 23, 2022).

August 22, 2022

Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here’s How. (The New York Times, August 22, 2022).

EPA Reaches Over $200K Settlement with The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC in Denison, Iowa, Over Alleged Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Violations (US EPA, August 22, 2022).

August 21, 2022

EPA Approves iPark 87 Cleanup, Battery Manufacturer Plans Plant (Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journal, August 21, 2022).

Nonprofits Request ‘Community Voice’ Be Heard Before the Courts in Chemours, EPA Lawsuit (PortCityDaily, August 21, 2022).

August 20, 2022

Air Force Won’t Use New EPA Levels in Wurtsmith PFAS Cleanup (Michigan Live, August 20, 2022).

Shilling to Pay EPA $70K in Fines for Release of Polluted Water into Kansas River (The Mercury, August 20, 2022).

August 19, 2022

Breakthrough Research Could Destroy ‘Forever Chemicals’ (E&E News, August 19, 2022).

August 19, 2022

EPA Proposes Stronger Regulations to Protect Communities from Chemical Accidents (US EPA, August 19, 2022).

EPA Finds More Risks For the Pesticide Dicamba (Chemical & Engineering News, August 19, 2022).

Biden Proposes Restoring Chemical Safety Standards Weakened by Trump (The Hill, August 19, 2022).

August 17, 2022

EPA Works With Industry to Reduce Hydrofluorocarbon Production in US (Government Matters, August 17, 2022).

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Doubles Down on Environmental Justice (JD Supra, August 17, 2022).

EPA Reaches $1.7 Million Settlement over Alleged Toxics Release Inventory Reporting Violations with The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC (US EPA, August 17, 2022).

August 16, 2022

A Detailed Picture of What’s in the Democrats’ Climate and Health Bill (The New York Times, August 16, 2022).

EPA and Columbus Factory Discuss Risks (Nebraska Public Media, August 16, 2022).

Meet EPA Boss Michael Regan’s Inner Circle (E&E News, August 16, 2022).

August 15, 2022

EPA Grant Could Help Clean Up Polluted Air in East Las Vegas (Nevada Public Radio, August 15, 2022).

August 14, 2022

EPA To Remove Sanitizer Involved In Chickasha Fires (Oklahoma City News 9, August 14, 2022).

August 10, 2022

Mich. Toxic Spill Sparks Crackdown, Political Furor (E&E News, August 10, 2022).

August 11, 2022

Biden Faces Time Crunch to Fill EPA Leadership Team (E&E News, August 11, 2022).

August 9, 2022

National Academies Urge EPA to Study Sunscreen Risks (E&E News, August 9, 2022).

​​EPA Warns of Increased Cancer Risk in Two N.J. Towns From Air Pollutant (New Jersey Monitor, August 9, 2022).

August 8, 2022

Biden’s Climate Win Strains Already-Stretched EPA Workforce (Bloomberg Law, August 8, 2022).

EPA Action Boosts Grassroots Momentum to Reduce Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, August 8, 2022).

Biden’s Landmark Climate and Spending Bill – What’s In It, and What Got Cut? (The Guardian, August 8, 2022).

​​How the Climate Bill Could Strengthen EPA Regulations (E&E News, August 8, 2022).

August 7, 2022

Progress in Baby Steps: Westside Atlanta Lead Cleanup Slowly Earns Trust With Help From Local Institutions (Inside Climate News, August 7, 2022).

Advocacy Groups Press EPA on Loophole that Leaves Coal Ash Unregulated, Including in Orlando (WUSF Public Media, August 7, 2022).

August 5, 2022

EPA Says It Is Looking for “Super-Emitters” of Methane Gas in Texas’ Permian Basin (The Texas Tribune, August 5, 2022).

Supreme Court Ruling Against EPA Hurts, May Not Hobble Clean Air in Arizona (The Gila Herald, August 5, 2022).

August 4, 2022

The EPA Has Identified 23 U.S. Facilities that are Emitting Toxic Air Pollution That Puts People At Risk (The Texas Tribune, August 4, 2022).

EPA Announces $8 Million in Grants Available for Tribes and Insular Areas to Replace Diesel Equipment and Reduce Harmful Emissions (USEPA, August 4, 2022).

‘We feel disrespected’: Navajo Farmers Wait for Justice Years After EPA Disaster (The Guardian, August 4, 2022).

August 3, 2022

EPA: Chemical in Medical-Device Cleanser Poses Cancer Risk (AP News, August 3, 2022).

EPA Launches Community Engagement Efforts on New Ethylene Oxide Risk Information (US EPA, August 3, 2022).

In Towns Plagued by Raw Sewage, EPA Promises Relief (Alabama Daily News, August 3, 2022).

August 2, 2022

Biden Administration Launches USDA-EPA Partnership to Provide Wastewater Sanitation to Underserved Communities (USDA, August 2, 2022).

August 1, 2022

EPA Faces New Lawsuit Over ‘Forever Chemicals’ (E&E News, August 1, 2022).