EDGI, "Access Denied: Federal Web Governance Under the Trump Administration"

This report analyzed the Trump administration’s management of federal websites related to environmental regulation and made recommendations for the Biden administration moving forward. The suggestions included: 1) Creating meaningful resources to expand civic and scientific literacy. This would include building ladders of information on websites, incorporating the scientific basis for regulations on websites, and providing mechanisms for public feedback about web resources. 2) Ensuring that resources are available, discoverable and navigable. And that the public is made aware of opportunities for civic engagement. 3) Preserving public web resources. This would include an accessible archive of web resources, requirements for notice and explanation of content removal, and a database describing changes to websites.


Environmental Data & Governance Initiative


Gretchen Gehrke, Marcy Beck, Alejandro Paz, Amy Wilson, Eric Nost, Grace Poudrier, EDGI, "Access Denied: Federal Web Governance Under the Trump Administration," Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, February, 2021