Environmental Data & Governance Initiative, "10 Ways Biden Should Fix the EPA"

This article argues for the need to remake, not just restore, the EPA in order to tackle growing problems with climate exchange, environmental justice, and toxic pollutants, among other things. It offers ten fixes: 1) take quick action on climate by rejoining the Paris Climate agreement and reversing regulatory rollbacks; 2) restore EPA staff and budget; 3) keep industry out of EPA decision-making; 4) make environmental justice a priority; 5) strengthen safeguards for toxic like lead and vulnerable populations like pregnant women and children; 6) reinvigorate science by funding research, attracting scientists, and incorporating more into decision-making; 7) enforce the law vigorously; 8) better collect, integrate and make accessible data on enforcement and monitoring; 9) steward educational information better; 10) partner with the public on citizen science and public communication and education programs.




Marianne Sullivan and Christopher Sellers, “10 Ways Biden Should Fix the EPA,” Vox, December 17, 2020.