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January Newsfeed



January 31, 2022

Biden Administration to Reinstate Mercury Pollution Rules Weakened Under Trump (The New York Times, January 31, 2022).

Biden EPA Revives Justification for Coal Utility Mercury Rule (EWG, January 31, 2022).

Biden Begins Crackdown on Power Plant Pollution (The Washington Post, January 31, 2022).

January 30, 2022

Foundry Site Gets More Cleanup Funds (Traverse City Record Eagle, January 30, 2022).

January 28, 2022

Environmental Protection Agency to Step Up Enforcement and Monitoring of Pollution in Overburdened Communities (Environmental Defense Fund, January 28, 2022).

EPA Rejects Texas’ More Lenient Standard for Highly Toxic Air Pollutant (ProPublica, January 28, 2022).

January 27, 2022

Biden Administration Moves to Boost Cybersecurity of Water Systems (The Hill, January 27, 2022).

January 26, 2022

US to Hold Surprise Plant Inspections Targeting Pollution in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley (The Guardian, January 26, 2022).

E.P.A. Chief Vows to ‘Do Better’ to Protect Poor Communities (The New York Times, January 26, 2022).

January 25, 2022

Justice for PFAS Exposure Races a Ticking Clock (The Hill, January 25, 2022).

EPA to Probe Whether North Carolina’s Permitting of Biogas From Swine Feeding Operations Violates Civil Rights of Nearby Neighborhoods (Inside Climate News, January 25, 2022).

Nearly 200 Democrats Back EPA in Supreme Court Emissions Case (The Hill, January 25, 2022).

January 24, 2022

EPA Finalizes Light-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Standards (Mondaq, January 24, 2022).

Tennessee Was ‘Ground Zero’ for Coal Ash Pollution. Now, EPA is Promising Cleanups. (WPLN News, January 24, 2022).

How Biden Could Close Coal Plants Without CO2 Regulations (E&E News, January 24, 2022).

EPA Stops Enforcing Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Staffers (E&E News, January 24, 2022).

Supreme Court Takes EPA Case that Could Narrow Clean Water Act (The Washington Post, January 24, 2022).

January 23, 2022

EPA to Investigate North Carolina Biogas for Discrimination (AG Insider, January 23, 2022).

January 22, 2022

EPA Reverses Finding in Revised Draft Risk Evaluation for TSCA Chemical, Seeks Comment (Safety and Health, January 22, 2022).

US, Colorado and Mining Company Reach Proposed Settlement in Gold King Mine Spill Dispute (Farmington Daily Times, January 22, 2022). 

January 21, 2022

Biden Preps Full-court Press to Curb Coal as Emissions Spike (E&E News, January 21, 2022).

EPA Announces It Is Extending Flexibilities to Minimize Supply-Chain Disruptions Facing the Pesticide Industry (JD Supra, January 21, 2022).

January 20, 2022

EPA Sued Over PFAS “Secrecy” Reporting Loopholes (Earthjustice, January 20, 2022).

EPA Concludes Oil Spill Investigation, No Source Identified (KCAW Sitka, January 20, 2022).

EPA Targets Michigan Toxic Site Backlog with Infrastructure Money (MLive, January 20, 2022).

January 19, 2022

EPA, Blue States Push Back on Republicans' SCOTUS Bid to Curb Agency Powers (Reuters, January 19, 2022). 

EPA, Developer Settle Case over Wetlands Violations in Boise (EPA, January 19, 2022).

Survey: Burnout, Morale Hamper EPA Chemicals Office (E&E News, January 19, 2022).

Par Hawaii Refining to Pay $176,899 Fine for EPA Violations (The Star Advertiser, January 19, 2022).

Power Companies Back EPA Climate Authority at Supreme Court (E&E News, January 19, 2022). 

January 18, 2022

Why EPA’s Announcement about a Chemical No Longer Manufactured is Big News for your Business (The National Law Review, January 18, 2022)

EPA Releases Sampling Results from Coney Island Creek, Finds Presence of Contamination (Brooklyn Paper, January 18, 2022). 

January 17, 2022

24 Years Later, Runoff Issues in Hinkson Creek Still Not Resolved (Columbia Missourian, January 17th, 2022). 

January 14, 2022

Biden Has Made Progress on Climate Change So Far, But It’s Not Enough, Group Says (The Washington Post, January 14, 2022). 

January 13, 2022

EPA Rejected White House Effort to Toughen Car Rules (E&E News, January 13, 2022). 

January 12, 2022

An Alabama Town’s Sewage Woes Test Biden’s Infrastructure Ambitions (The New York Times, January 12, 2022).

January 12, 2022

In Orlando, a mountain of coal ash evades EPA rules. It's not the only one. (NPR, January 12, 2022). 

Exclusive: Biden Weighing Cuts to 2022 Ethanol Blending Mandate Proposal (Reuters, January 12, 2022).

EPA Ramps Up Pressure Over State Pollution Loopholes (E&E News, January 12, 2022).

EPA Announces Leaded Fuel Endangerment Finding (AVweb, January 12, 2022). 

Santa Clara County Petition Sparks EPA Inquiry of Leaded Aviation Fuel (San Jose Spotlight, January 12, 2022). 

Group Intends to Sue EPA Over New Montana Law (Helena Independent Record, January 12, 2022).

January 11,2022

EPA Takes Steps towards Addressing Toxic Coal Residue (The Hill, January 11, 2022). 

Meet the EPA Staffers Key to Biden’s Goals (E&E News, January 11, 2022). 

EPA to Assess Impact on Endangered Species Before Signing Off on Pesticide Ingredients (The Hill, January 11, 2022)

January 10, 2022

Challenge to EPA’s Climate Authority Heads to Supreme Court (Bloomberg Green, January 10, 2022). 

The Supreme Court Case That Could Upend Efforts to Protect the Environment (The New Yorker, January 10, 2022). 

January 7, 2022

Two PFAS-contaminated Sites in Kent County Could be Placed on EPA List of America's Most Toxic Locations (Fox17 West Michigan, January 7, 2022). 

Virginia Lawmakers Urge EPA to Aid Landfill Issues (Herald Courier, January 7, 2022). 

January 5, 2022

After 30 Years, EPA Finally Adds to Hazardous Air Pollutant List (Earthjustice, January 5, 2022). 

January 3, 2022

Biden’s EPA Takes Further Action to Mandate LSL Replacement (Water Finance and Management, January 3, 2022). 

Environmental Groups Criticize EPA's Plans to Study Pollution (TheTimesNews, January 3, 2022). 

Cleaning Toxic Sites, Removing Lead Pipes Part of EPA's 2022 Vision for New Jersey (Asbury Park Press, January 3, 2022). 

Biden Admin Advances Key Toxic Chemical Decision (E&E News, January 3, 2022).

January 2, 2022

EPA Wraps Up A Year of Significant Accomplishments (The National Law Review, January 2, 2022). 

EPA: No Money for Sites in Washington, New Haven (emissourian.com, January 2, 2022). 

‘They are supposed to protect us’: Community Wants More from EPA for Duwamish Superfund Cleanup (The Seattle Times, January 2, 2022). 

January 1, 2022

Five Climate Moves by the Biden Administration You May Have Missed (Climate Insider, January 1, 2022). 

Lawmakers Call on Biden to Withdraw New EPA Methane Regulation (The Highland County Press, January 1, 2022). 

Beaches Closed After 8.5 Million Gallons of Sewage Spill in Los Angeles County (The New York Times, January 1, 2022).