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July Newsfeed



July 31, 2021

Enbridge's Pipeline 3 Threatens an Endangered Species - Contact The EPA (CleanTechnica, July 31, 2021)

Agency Wrong to Stop Regulating Rosemont Mine Site's Streams, Washes, EPA Says (Tucson.com, July 31, 2021).

July 30, 2021

Is Kyrsten Sinema Going to Think About Arizona's (Scary) Future When It Comes to These Infrastructure Bills? (Esquire, July 30, 2021).

James Reaches Agreement with EPA to Crack Down on Air Pollution (WWTI, July 30, 2021).


July 29, 2021

EPA Requires Manufacturers to report PFAS Exposures and Hazards (National Law Review, July 29, 2021).


July 28, 2021

Momentum Builds for Permanent End to Pebble Mine (NRDC, July 28, 2021).

Defense Department Is Not Protecting Service Members From Toxic "Forever Chemicals" (US News, July 28, 2021).

EPA Fines Oelwein Company for Hazardous Waste Violation (Radio Iowa, July 28, 2021).

Helena Says Ten Mile Creek Was Much More Contaminated than EPA Reported (Helena Independent Record, July 28, 2021).


July 27, 2021

EPA: Elmira Heights Site That's Been on Superfund List Almost 40 Years Needs More Work (Star Gazette, July 27, 2021).

Biden Plan Would Tighten Mileage For New Cars Over the Next Four Years (Washington Post, July 27, 2021).

The EPA Will Revise a Trump-Era Rule on Toxic Wastewater From Coal Plants (The New York Times, July 27, 2021).

EPA Begins Hazardous Waste Cleanup in Rock Island (NPR wvik, July 27, 2021).

Nearly 140 Democrats Urge EPA to "Promptly" Allow California to Set Its Own Vehicle Standards (The Hill, July 27, 2021).


July 26, 2021

EPA Fine Sours Yakima Cold-Storage Owner (Capital Press, July 26, 2021).


July 24, 2021

Biden Administration's Environmental Justice Initiative Kicks Into Gear (Newsone, July 24, 2021).


July 23, 2021

EPA Orders $65,250 Penalty For Pesticide Company (Associate Press, July 23, 2021).


July 22, 2021

EPA Gives Jackson City Officials Timeline to Begin Addressing City's Water Issues (The Clarion-Ledger, July 22, 2021).


July 21, 2021

The Western Drought Is Worse Than You Think. Here's Why (E&E News, July 21, 2021).

US: Groups Sue Environmental Protection Agency Over Approval of Toxic Herbicide (hortidaily.com, July 21, 2021).

Residents Express Outrage at Republic Over Lead, EPA Promises More Measures (The Canton Repository, July 21, 2021).

House Passes Bill Requiring EPA to Regulate "Forever Chemicals" in Drinking Water (The Hill, July 21, 2021).


July 20, 2021

PFAS/RCRA: New Mexico Petitions U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to Initiate Hazardous Waste Listing (JDSUPRA, July 20, 2021).

Detection of Toxic PFAS Chemicals Increases to 2,790 Communities (EWG, July 20, 2021).

Biden Will Not Back Down on Climate Plans, EPA Chief Says (Financial Times, July 20, 2021).

The EPA Needs to Reject Louisiana's Regional Haze Plan Until It Complies With The Clean Air Act (CleanTechnica, July 20, 2021).


July 19, 2021

Trump Administration's Clean Water Rule to Remain as Agencies Seek Its Revision (JD Supra, July 19, 2021).

EPA Orders Clarksburg to Provide Clean Water Amidst Lead Cases (West Virginia Daily News, July 19, 2021).

EPA Takes Up Environmental Justice Complaint Against Philly's Permit for SEPTA Power Plant in Nicetown (WHYY PBS, July 19, 2021)


July 18, 2021

EPA to Squeeze on Aftermarket Car Part Sellers Hurts Classic Car Industry, Lankford Says (Yahoo News, July 18, 2021).


July 17, 2021

Milwaukee and Madison Receive $200,000 Each from EPA for Environmental Justice Initiatives (Milwaukee Courier, July 17, 2021).


July 15, 2021

Biden to Restore Protections for Tongass National Forest in Alaska (The New York Times, July 15, 2021).

New Data on "Forever Chemicals" Prompts Calls for More Transparency (The Hill, July 15, 2021).


July 14, 2021

EPA Considers Placing Limits on "Forever Chemicals" in Drinking Water (The Guardian, July 14, 2021).

Senate Committee Approves EPA, Commerce Nominees (E&E News, July 14, 2021).


July 13, 2021

EPA: Tenmile Creek Spill Poses No Environmental Impact (Helena Independent Record, July 13, 2021).

AP Interview: EPA Water Chief on Clean Water Protections (Associated Press, July 13, 2021).

White House Appoints New Director to Steer Key Climate Change Report (The Washington Post, July 13, 2021).

Biden Administration Taps EPA Scientist Allison Crimmins to Lead Key Climate Report (CNN, July 13, 2021).

Your Trash is Emitting Methane In The Landfill. Here's Why It Matters For The Climate (NPR, July 13, 2021).

EPA: 11,000 Facilities Illegally Discharged Pollutants Into Nearby Waters in 2018 (The Hill, July 13, 2021).


July 12, 2021

EPA Seeks Public Comments on Legal Petition to Cancel Seresto Flea Collars Linked to Deaths of Nearly 1,700 Pets (Center for Biological Diversity, July 12, 2021).

Documents Show EPA Staff Concerns Over PFAS in Fracking (E&E News, July 12, 2021).

EPA to Expand Groundwater Investigation at Landfill Superfund Site in Lapeer County (mlive.com, July 12, 2021).

EPA Agrees to Reevaluate Trump-Era Washington State Water Quality Rollbacks (Earthjustice, July 12, 2021).

E.P.A. Approved Toxic Chemicals for Fracking a Decade Ago, New Files Show (The New York Times, July 12, 2021).


July 9, 2021:

EPA Joins West Virginia DHHR in Assisting with Lead Water Lines in Clarksburg Water System (WVNews, July 9, 2021).

EPA Dumps Trump-Backed COVID-19 Disinfectant (E&E News, July 9, 2021).

SOCMA Asks EPA to Uphold Revisions Made in 2019 RMP Final Rule (Yahoo Finance, July 9, 2021).


July 8, 2021:

EPA Opposes Permit for Pipeline Crossings (WDBJ.com, July 8, 2021).


July 7, 2021:

"We Know That People Need Help" - EPA Administrator Visits Flint (ClickOn Detroit, July 7, 2021).

Use Radioactive Gypsum Waste for Road Construction? Never mind, EPA Says (nola.com, July 7, 2021).

War on Science Persists Within Biden EPA as Staffers Allege Chemical Reports Altered (Common Dreams, July 7, 2021).


July 6, 2021

EPA Chief Visits Milwaukee, Leaders Say Federal Funding Provides Opportunity to Replace Lead Lines (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 6, 2021).

Federal Court Reverses EPA Rule on Year-Round E15 (NorthDakota.com, July 6, 2021).

EPA Faces Challenges Addressing SIPs (EHS Daily Advisor, July 6, 2021).

EPA Planning a Public Meeting on the Cleanup of Exide Superfund Site in Berks (Reading Eagle, July 6, 2021).


July 5, 2021

Focus Shifts to EPA on Methane Regulation After Biden Action (The Hill, July 5, 2021).


July 4, 2021

Former Obama EPA Official: Biden Infrastructure Plan "Strips Out" Black and Brown Communities (MSNBC, July 4, 2021).


July 3, 2021

Court Strikes Trump EPA Rule for Full-Year 15 Percent Ethanol Sales (The Independent, July 3, 2021).


July 2, 2021

EPA Withdraws Rule Allowing Use of Radioactive Material in Road Construction (The Hill, July 2, 2021).


July 1, 2021

House Democrats Unite to Send Firm Climate Signal to Biden (Politico, July 1, 2021).

Biden EPA to Reassess Trump-Era Chemical Health Findings (The Hill, July 1, 2021).

EPA Employees Fight for Contract That Will Protect Them Against Future Administrations (The Hill, July 1, 2021)