May 2021 Newsfeed

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May Newsfeed



May 31, 2021

Dane County Joins EPA Green Power Program (DeForest Times-Tribune, May 31, 2021). 
May 28, 2021: 

Biden’s Fossil Fuel Moves Clash With Pledges on Climate Change (The New York Times, May 28, 2021). 


May 27, 2021: 

E.P.A. to Modify Trump-Era Limits on States’ Ability to Oppose Energy Projects (The New York TImes, May 27, 2021). 


May 26, 2021

Biden Administration Defends Huge Alaska Oil Drilling Project (The New York Times, May 26, 2021). 

EPA Officially Nixes Trump “Secret Science” Rule (The Hill, May 26, 2021). 


May 25, 2021

Why is the House Taking So Long to Undo Trump Methane Rule? (E&E News, May 25, 2021). 

Biden Looks to California for Next Phase of Offshore Wind (The Washington Post, May 25, 2021).

Addressing Environmental Justice Through EPA Enforcement Tools (JDSUPRA, May 25, 2021). 

EPA Considering Creek on Former Bethlehem Steel Site in Sparrows Point for National Pollution Priority List (The Baltimore Sun, May 25, 2021). 

EPA Discusses Project to Clean Up Former Allied Paper Landfill (News Channel 3, May 25, 2021). 

For the Second Time in Four Years, the Ninth Circuit Has Ordered the EPA to Set New Lead Paint and Dust Standards (InsideClimate News, May 25, 2021). 


May 24, 2021

Scranton Manufacturing Fined $50K BY EPA (Carroll Times Herald, May 24, 2021). 

Trump EPA Dodged Science Policy for Weedkiller (E&E News, May 24, 2021). 


May 23, 2021

EPA Approves Fungicide to Combat Coffee Leaf Rust (Hawai’i Public Radio, May 23, 2021)


May 21, 2021

Biden Requires Climate Considerations in Budget Process (Government Executive, May 21, 2021). 


May 20th:

U.S. EPA to Keep Biofuel Mandates Steady in 2021-22 Due to Coronavirus - Sources (May 20, 2021). 


May 19th:

White House Brings Back Climate Scientist Forced Out by Trump Administration (The Washington Post, May 19, 2021).


May 18th:

What to Save? Climate Change Forces Brutal Choices at National Parks (The New York Times, May 18, 2021). 

EPA Watchdog Audits Cite Agency Enforcement Falloff in Recent Years (ENR, Engineering News-Record, May 18, 2021). 

EPA to End Week-Long Suspension of Emissions Regulations After Pipeline Hack (Foreign Brief Geopolitical Risk Analysis, May 18, 2021). 

EPA Expands Zone of Potential Lead Contamination in West Atlanta (Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 18, 2021). 

EPA Shuts Polluting Caribbean Refinery Reopened Under Trump (The Guardian, May 18, 2021). 

EPA Cracks Down on Landfill Methane Emissions (E&E News, May 18, 2021).


May 17th:

EPA Urging Communities, Stakeholders to Participate as Scrutiny of Natural Gas, Oil Industry Methane Emissions Begins (Natural Gas Intel, May 17, 2021). 

EPA Will Rescind Final Rule Establishing Administrative Procedures for Issuing Guidance Documents (The National Law Review, May 17, 2021).

Supreme Court Gives Big Oil a Win in Climate Fight with Cities (The New York Times, May 17, 2021). 

EPA Proposes to Remove Barrels Inc. Site in Lansing from Superfund List (WILX, May 17, 2021).

EPA Grants to Allow Monitoring of Beach Water Quality in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington (EP Magazine, May 17, 2021). 


May 16th: 

For the EPA, A Moment of Reckoning (Salon, May 16, 2021). 

John Kerry: US Climate Envoy Criticised for Optimism on Clean Tech (BBC, May 16, 2021).


May 14th: 

EPA Orders Virgin Islands Refinery to Shut Down, Citing “Imminent” Health Threat (The Washington Post, May 14, 2021). 


May 13th:

In a Report Suppressed Under Trump, the EPA Has Said for the First Time that Humans Caused the Climate Crisis (Business Insider, May 13, 2021)

Biden Administration to Repeal Trump Rule Aimed at Curbing E.P.A’s Power (The New York Times, May 13, 2021)

EPA Begins Environmental Justice Consultations on Risk Management Rulemakings for Asbestos, Part 1: Chrysotile Asbestos and PV29 (The National Law Review, May 13, 2021). 

May 12th: 

EPA Relaunches Website Tracking Climate Change Indicators (The Hill, May 12, 2021). 

U.S. Has Entered Unprecedented Climate Territory, EPA Warns (The Washington Post, May 12, 2021) 

Hill Democrats May Have More Time to Scrap Trump Rules (E&E News, May 12, 2021). 

EPA, DOT Move to Boost Gasoline Availability after Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack (May 11, 2021, Politico). 


May 11th:

EPA Grants Will Fund Cleanups in Western Montana (Montana Public Radio, May 11, 2021). 

Wisconsin’s Attorney General Calls for Federal Regulation of “Forever Chemicals” (Wisconsin State Journal, May 11, 2021). 

Biden Administration Approves Nation’s First Major Offshore Wind Farm (The New York Times, May 11, 2021). 

U.S. Waives Environmental Rule to Ease Mid-Atlantic Fuel Shortages (Reuters, May 11, 2021). 

EPA to Jackson, Mississippi: Water Safe to Drink Despite Numerous Problems with System (Clarion Ledger, May 11, 2021). 


May 10th

Biden’s Climate Bet Rests on a Clean Electricity Standard (E&E News, May 10, 2021).

EPA Enforcement Policies Prioritize Environmental Justice and Embrace ‘NextGen’ Compliance Tools (The National Law Review, May 10, 2021). 


May 7th: 

New EPA Coolant Rule is a No-Brainer for Addressing the Climate Crisis (The Hill, May 7, 2021).

Interior Department Withdraws Trump Rule Loosening Arctic Drilling Regulations (The Hill, May 7, 2021). 


May 6th:

Inspector General Rebukes EPA For Failing to Protect Communities from Carcinogenic Air Pollution (The Intercept, May 6, 2021). 

Meet 5 Republican AGs Fighting Biden on Climate (E&E News, May 6, 2021). 


May 5th:

How to Fast-Track Climate Action? EPA Cutting Super Pollutant HFCs (The Hill, May 5, 2021). 

Early Messaging from USEPA Enforcement HQ (Micahel Best & Friedrich LLP via Lexology, May 5, 2021)


May 4th:

EPA and Des Moines Move to Rehab Polluted Eyesore (San Francisco Gate May 4, 2021).

EPA Wants To Retract Three Last-Minute RFS Waivers (, May 4, 2021). 

Federal Officials to Address Issues with Water System at Council Meeting  (The Northside Sun, May 4, 2021). 

EPA Official Directs Agency to Ramp Up Enforcement in Communities Hit Hard by Pollution (The Hill, May 4, 2021). 


May 3rd:

EPA to Announce Sharp Limits on Powerful Greenhouse Gases (The New York Times, May 3, 2021). 

EPA May Craft Groundwater Rule to Pass Supreme Court Test (E&E News, May 3, 2021).  
Congress on Track to Reject Trump EPA Revisions to Oil and Gas Methane Standards (Gibson Dunn, May 3, 2021).