October 2021 Newsfeed

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October Newsfeed



October 13, 2021

EPA Eyes Broader Oversight of Cancer-causing Gas (E&E News, October 13, 2021).

CEQ Chief Touts Climate Goals, Laments ‘Ping-ponging Policy’ (E&E News, October 13, 2021).

EPA May Increase Reporting Requirements for Carcinogen Used in Plastic Production (The Hill, October 13, 2021).

EPA Advances WOTUS Rewrite (E&E News, October 13, 2021). 

EPA Fires Back in D.C. Circuit Appellate Brief on Coal Ash Rules (Law Street, October 13, 2021).

October 12, 2021

EPA to Give an Update on Butte Projects in Virtual Meeting Thursday (NBC Montana, October 12, 2021). 

Biden Taps Montgomery County Environmental Chief Ortiz for Key EPA Post (Maryland Matters, October 12, 2021). 

October 11, 2021

EPA Finds Evidence for Tightening Key Air Quality Standard (The Hill, October 11, 2021).

October 10, 2021

EPA Closer to Unveiling Plan for Tackling ‘Forever Chemicals’ (The Hill, October 10, 2021)

October 8, 2021

EPA Agrees to Further Phase Down Superpollutant (E&E News, October 8, 2021).

EPA Announces Appointment of Rod Snyder as EPA Agricultural Advisor (NewsDakota.com, October 8, 2021).

EPA Challenges Decision on Water Clean Up Standards (Reuters, October 8, 2021).

Biden EPA to Tighten Soot Standards Trump Left Unchanged (E&E News, October 8, 2021).

EPA Grants Petitions to Stem Climate Pollutants in Future Rules (Bloomberg Law, October 8, 2021).

PFAS Comment by Michael Regan Show EPA’s Clear Intent (The National Law Review, October 8, 2021).

October 7, 2021

EPA Power Plant Rules Could be Part of Bigger Initiative (E&E News, October 7, 2021).

Biden Takes Big Step on Rules for Environmental Reviews (The Hill, October 7, 2021).

October 6, 2021

U.S. States Push to Surpass World Emissions Norms on Aviation (US News, October 6, 2021).

EPA Awards $335,000 for Pollution Prevention and Sustainability Projects in Pacific Northwest Communities (U.S. EPA, October 6, 2021).

October 4, 2021

EPA Targets Potent Greenhouse Gases, Putting a Louisville Company in its Crosshairs (Courier Journal, October 4, 2021).

Landmark EJ Ruling Sparks Legislative Reckoning in VA (E&E News, October 4, 2021).

EPA Strategic Plan Touts Climate, Environmental Justice Goals (E&E News, October 4, 2021).

EPA Announces Updates on its Efforts to Address PFAS in Pesticides Packaging (The National Law Review, October 4, 2021).

EPA Moves to Elevate Tribal Rights in Water Quality: Changes Could Modify CWA Implementation (Lexology, October 4, 2021).

October 3, 2021

Maryland to Resume Use of Pesticide after EPA Testing Doesn’t Detect PFAS (Capital Gazette, October 3, 2021).

October 2, 2021

Biden is Protecting the Land Where the Fat Bears Thrive (Mashable, October 2, 2021).

EPA Begins Five Year Review of Verona Pollution (The Monett Times, October 2, 2021).

EPA Fines Riverbend Landfill in McMinnville $104,482 for Air Pollution Violations (Statesman Journal, October 2, 2021).

October 1, 2021

EPA Will Reconsider Requiring Chemours to Fund PFAS Testing, a Petition Rejected by Outgoing Trump Administration (WHQR, October 1, 2021).

Texas Natural Gas Co. Settles with EPA After Worker Deaths (Reuters, October 1, 2021).