September 2021 Newsfeed

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September Newsfeed



September 29, 2021

After Alleged Violations of Clean Water Act at Jayhawk Club, EPA Reaches Settlement with Company Controlled by Thomas Fritzel (Lawrence-Journal World, September 29, 2021).

EPA to Hold Biweekly National Environmental Justice Calls (Coastal Review, September 29, 2021)

September 28, 2021

EPA’s ‘Scientific Integrity’ Program Lacks Teeth, Group Alleges (USRTK, September 28, 2021).

Environmentalists Urge Biden to Toughen Auto Emission Proposal (Yahoo Finance, September 28, 2021).

September 27, 2021

EPA Publishes Proposed Amendments to Aerosol Coatings Rule (EHS Daily Advisor, September 27, 2021).

Biden to Restore Legal Case for Mercury Limits Trump Discredited (Yahoo Finance, September 27, 2021).

Oil States Brace for Biden Methane Rule (E&E News, September 27, 2021).

U.S. Environment Agency Urged by 21 States to Toughen Vehicle Emissions Rewrite (Reuters, September 27, 2021).

EPA Tossed Trump-era Memo that Cuffed Watchdog (E&E News, September 27, 2021).

September 26, 2021

AgLines: Farm, Biofuel Leaders Concern About Possible EPA Actions Concerning Ethanol (The Grand Island Independent, September 26, 2021).

September 24, 2021

Defense Policy Bill Would Require ‘Forever Chemical’ Testing at Military Sites (The Hill, September 24, 2021).

What Will EPA Do with Its New Superfund Money? (JD Supra, September 24, 2021).

Coalition Sues Biden EPA Over Approval of ‘Highly Toxic’ Pesticide Linked to Parkinson’s (Common Dreams, September 24, 2021).

September 23, 2021

Biden Picks Trump Critic to Lead EPA Science Office (E&E News, September 23, 2021).

September 23, 2021

White House is Set to Announce New Limits on HFCs, a Powerful Driver of Climate Change (The New York Times, September 23, 2021).

September 22, 2021

Biden Announces New Cadre of Outside Science Advisers (E&E News, September 22, 2021). 

EPA to Propose Cuts to Biofuel Blending Requirement: Report (The Hill, September 22, 2021).

September 21, 2021

Methane Fee Collides with EPA Rules. ‘It’s Very Unusual’ (E&E News, September 21, 2021). 

Federal Court Strikes Down EPA Permits for Idaho Factory Farms (Boise State Public Radio, September 21, 2021).

Federal Court Rejects Idaho Pollution Permit for Dairies (AP News, September 17, 2021).

EPA Proposes Superfund Cleanup for Bear Creek (The Dundalk Eagle, September 21, 2021).

September 20, 2021

EPA Administrator Talks WOTUS, Dicamba, Plans to Appoint AG Adviser (Capital Press, September 20, 2021).

EPA Bringing Temporary Disinfectant Supply Chain Flexibilities to a Close (The National Law Review, September 20, 2021).

Biden Confronts Extreme Heat, A Silent Killer (The Washington Post, September 20, 2021). 

EPA Removes PCB-laced Bloomington Sites from Superfund List (, September 20, 2021).

What to Expect from Interior and EPA this Fall (E&E News, September 20, 2021).

Back to the Drawing Board on WOTUS: Federal Court Vacates Trump Administration's Navigable Waters Protection Rule (The National Law Review, September 20, 2021).

Doherty Steel Inc. in Paola, Kansas, Receives EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award (EPA, September 20, 2021).

September 19, 2021

This Powerful Democrat Linked to Fossil Fuels Will Craft the U.S. Climate Plan (The New York Times, September 19, 2021).

September 17, 2021

EPA Rescinds Trump Guidance That Created Exceptions to Water Pollution Protections (The Hill, September 17, 2021). 

Bureau of Land Management Headquarters to Return to D.C., Reversing Trump Decision (The Washington Post, September 17, 2021). 

EPA Science Board “Reset” Renews Tensions Over Bias (E&E News, September 17, 2021). 

September 16, 2021

EPA Removes 3 Bloomington Waste Sites from Superfund List. Why That Matters (Bloomington Herald Times, September 16, 2021). 

Former EPA Chief to Chair Pro-Trump Think Tank’s Environmental Center  (The Hill, September 17, 2021). 

Allegations of Racism, Abuse Cloud EPA Whistleblower Hearing (E&E News, September 16, 2021). 

EPA Recommends Further Study Before Genesee Township Asphalt Plant Gets Permit (, September 16, 2021). 

September 15, 2021

EPA Fines Oregon’s Largest Glass Container Recycler Nearly $39,000 (, September 16, 2021). 

Biden Calls for Climate Action Ahead of Historic Legislation (E&E News, September 15, 2021). 

September 14, 2021

Carlton Waterhouse is Fighting For Environmental Justice At The EPA - And Getting Called A “Racist” (E&E News, September 14, 2021). 

September 13, 2021

Biden’s EPA Finds a New Weapon in the War Against Alaska’s Pebble Mine (Post Alley The View from Seattle, September 13, 2021). 

September 12, 2021

“The Harm to Children is Irreparable”: Ruth Etzel Speaks Out Ahead of EPA Whistleblower Hearing (The Guardian, September 12, 2021). 

September 11, 2021

Denver Ozone in Violation of EPA Health Standards (9News, September 17, 2021). 

Trump May Be Gone, But the Fight Against His Border Wall Goes On (The New York Times, September 11, 2021) 

September 10, 2021

Groups Seek Federal Help with Lead in Michigan City's Water (AP News, September 10, 2021).

September 9, 2021

Democrats Want a "Climate Corps." They Just Can't Agree How to Create It (The New York Times, September 8, 2021)

CU Boulder Researchers Receive $1.1M EPA Grant to Study Wildfire Smoke (Boulder Daily Camera, September 9, 2021).

EPA Considers More Permanent Protection For Bristol Bay by Resuming Pebble "Veto" Process (Alaska Public Media, September 9, 2021).

EPA Recommends Superfund Status for Lower Neponset River (WBUR News, September 9, 2021).

EPA Wastewater Rules to Set First PFAS Limits (E&E News, September 9, 2021).

Biden Administration Moves to Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay (The New York Times, September 9, 2021).

EPA to Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay, Blocking Major Gold Mine (The Washington Post, September 9, 2021).

September 8, 2021

Lead Contamination Lands Atlanta Neighborhood on EPA's Superfund Priority List (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 8, 2021).

Interior Will Launch Review of Trump's Arctic Oil Plan (E&E News, September 8, 2021).

From 4% to 45%: Biden Releases an Ambitious Plan for Solar Energy (E&E News, September 8, 2021).

Methane Rule to Eclipse Past Regulations, Including Obama's (E&E News, September 8, 2021).

California Recall Vote Could Weaken the State's Aggressive Climate Policies (The New York Times, September 8, 2021).

September 7, 2021

Booming Utah's Weak Link: Surging Air Pollution (The New York Times, September 7, 2021)

More National Parks? Summer of Overcrowding Could Spur Push (E&E News, September 7, 2021).

September 5, 2021

Advocates Push White House to Nominate Energy Regulator (The Hill, September 5, 2021).

September 3, 2021

EPA sends surveillance aircraft to possible oil spill reported in wake of Ida (Reuters, September 3, 2021).

Flat rock odor still unknown as officials expand area of concern perimeter (FOX Detroit, September 3, 2021).

September 2, 2021

U.S. Reconciliation Energy Bill Slowed by Flurry of Republican Amendments (Reuters, September 2, 2021). 

EPA Just Detailed All The Ways Climate Change Will Hit U.S. Racial Minorities the Hardest. It’s a Long List (The Washington Post, September 2, 2021). 

Climate Change is Bankrupting America’s Small Towns (The New York Times, September 2, 2021). 

District Court Vacates the 2020 Navigable Waters Protection Rule as the EPA and Corps WOTUS Definition Rulemaking Continues (National Law Review, September 2, 2021).

People of color face disproportionate harm from climate change, EPA says (USA News, September 2, 2021).

September 1, 2021

Provincetown Town Manager Named to EPA Advisory Committee (Cape Cod Times, September 1, 2021). 

U.S. EPA Asks Court to Allow it to Reconsider Some Biofuel Blending Waivers (Reuters, September 1, 2021).